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Get Gorgeously Glowing Skin in Anacortes, Washington

Native Springs Spa Boutique specializes in healing clay facials and back exfoliations and Ayurvedic Kansa treatments. Joan has been serving Skagit Valley area clients for over 17 years.

Native Springs Spa Boutique

Experience total wellness at our spa

...immerse yourself in a healing retreat

Rest and rejuvenate in the peace of Fidalgo Island as we enhance your well-being with the highest quality treatments and products. Enjoy the fresh air, soulful music, and soothing touch -- it’s an experience that will beckon your return.

I believe that beauty begins with wellness, and our goal is to guide you on your journey to being your most radiant and healthy self.

Native Springs Spa Boutique
Native Springs Spa Boutique

Holistic Esthetics

Joan Barlow is the founder of the Native Springs Spa Boutique. Her quest for natural health and beauty products began when she found bentonite clay to have a soothing effect on her sensitive skin. Joan has selected each natural product to complement the bentonite clay holistically. It awakens your luminous and deeply radiant skin, albeit organically.

As part of your treatment, Joan defines your unique skin condition and offers holistic options -- products that will heal you inside out. Come and experience a skin treatment by a professional esthetician.

Native Springs Spa Boutique


Our customers are enthusiastic about the natural calcium bentonite clay used at Native Springs, and they have found its organic ingredients rejuvenating and healing. Our custom skincare treatments keep our customers coming back for our health and beauty services. Please check out what our clients are saying about their Native Springs experience.

Native Springs Spa Boutique