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Skin Treatment With Holistic esthetics

At Native Springs Spa Boutique, we have expertise in improving your skin with our beauty and spa services. We use only natural products to meet and treat your skin needs.

Native Springs Spa Boutique

Signature Healing Clay Facial

This clay facial treatment includes a clay exfoliation followed by Myrtle Leaf cucumber mist with incredible antioxidant power. This nourishing vitamin complex oil drench offers vitamin C to help restore the skin’s balance. Finishing with Myrtle Leaf Restored Radiance Hydrating Serum delivers a profound improvement in the overall health and firmness of the skin and imparts a healthy glow to your skin. A complimentary hand massage accompanies this service to make your skin more radiant.

  • 75 minutes/ $95
  • 45 minutes/ $50
Native Springs Spa Boutique
Native Springs Spa Boutique

Bare-Back Purification

This cleansing back treatment addresses those hard-to-reach areas and draws out impurities. It begins with hot aromatic towels for a thorough deep pore cleansing, followed with clay exfoliation, and ends with a gentle cleansing massage using our signature seaweed wash. This natural clay exfoliation recharges the skin. The clay is applied delicately to bring a healthy glowing effect. The light moisturizing back massage and a nourishing masque are ideal for both men and women.

The price range starts from 50 minutes/ $60.00.

Kansa, the Beauty Tool

Our Ayurvedic Kansa treatment utilizes a small tool used to gently massage your face, head and upper chest for a soothing experience that is energizing while reducing stress. As the Kansa is applied you will feel deeply relaxed. It is followed by a luxurious cleanse, facial masque and hand/arm massage. Even sensitive skin can experience this calming tension release. Besides muscular relaxation, Kansa also revitalizes and plumps the skin. It starts at $60/45 minutes.


  • Tension release
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Experience rejuvenation
  • Move sluggish lymph